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Pool Pump Repair in Lawrenceville, GA

Electricity is essential to the inner workings of a pool. A complex set of systems control parts such as the pump, the heater, the lights, and other aspects. It's important to properly care for these systems, as an electrical malfunction could cause all sorts of problems, including increased utility bills, pump failure, contaminated water, and more. When the pump in your pool is not functioning properly, call Professional Pool Services, Inc. for pool pump repair in Lawrenceville, GA. Swimming pool pumps circulate the water through a filter, keeping the water clean and safe for swimming. Any time you notice a problem with your pump, you should seek an experienced pool repair company as soon as possible. Request service if you notice any of the following warning signs of pump failure:

  • The Pump Struggles to Move Water
  • Nothing Happens When You Turn the Power On
  • The Pump Needs to Be Restarted and Refilled with Water More Frequently
  • The Pool Requires Vacuuming More Frequently
  • The Pool Water Is Cloudy
  • The Skimmer Baskets Float
  • You Notice a Lower Filter Tank Pressure
  • The Pump Pipe Feels Loose to the Touch

Fast & Effective Pool Heater Repair

Is the temperature in your pool running low? Restore comfort to your pool when you choose us for pool heater repair. We carry replacement equipment in our service trucks so we have fast access to the parts your pool needs. This allows us to resolve most issues the same day we arrive for service, saving you time from having to wait around for parts and giving you more time to enjoy your pool.

Reliable Pool Light Repair

Few things are as relaxing as a late-night dip in the pool. The way the light reflects off the crystal-clear water creates a welcoming sense of serenity, offering the perfect place to unwind. Don't let a broken light ruin your good time. Choose us for pool light repair. We'll provide an expedient solution to your temporary blackout, and will take care of your problem the first time. Expect a light system that works consistently and efficiently.

Happy Family in a Pool in Lawrenceville, GA

Ask About 10% Off Cleaning When You Need Service

Save on pool maintenance when you schedule a service call for pool electrical work. We'll knock 10% off cleaning, helping you maximize the value of your service call. You can expect quality workmanship no matter how big or small your job is.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for pool electrical work. We proudly serve Lawrenceville, Georgia, and the surrounding areas, including Suwanee, Buford, Duluth, Gainesville, and more.